Guide For Preparing Medical Directors

Thank you for inquiring about the Medical Directors Online Course. This course is an entry level orientation for Medical Directors covering the essentials for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) oversight and direction. These materials were adapted from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Guide for Preparing Medical Directors developed originally by the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). This course was designed to serve as an orientation for rural EMS medical directors. However, this course may also be beneficial to the Medical Director of EMS in a suburban or urban area who has not taken a Medical Directors course.

This course is designed to allow you to start and stop as often as you need and will resume where you left off. Be sure you remember the email and password you provided when you registered as you will need this information to continue with the course if you do not finish it in one session. If you have questions or problems at any time with this site, please contact: Teri Sanddal at or call at 406.581.5415.

The Medical Directors Online Course offers a certificate of completion from the Trauma and Emergency Response Infrastructure (TERI, Inc.) at the end of the course. The TERI, Inc. certificate will print after the completion of the final examination and evaluation.

The course structure allows any state or territory to enter into a contract for all its Medical Directors to have full access to the course. This function is automatic if the state has registered. The program will recognize you as being from the state and let you continue. Otherwise you will be directed to register and pay a fee of $300 for participating. If your state has an agreement to pay for this training, you will find that the last module addresses what you need to finish to be recognized as an EMS medical director in that state. If you are registering from a state which does not have a contract, when you complete the course you will need to contact your state EMS office for directions on how to proceed.

The scope of this material is presently confined to United States Emergency Medical Services, but check back for future plans to expand this scope to other nations.

Funding support to prepare these web-based materials was received from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

For additional information, contact Teri Sanddal at Trauma and Emergency Response Infrastructure (TERI, Inc.), phone: 406.581.5415, email:, or: PO Box 49 Manhattan, MT 59741.

Very worthwhile, excellent course.

Bryan Clark, Virginia

Excellent course. Have been a medical director for a community college paramedic program for years.

Matthew Riggins, Virginia

I would be interested in further educational opportunities.

Debbie Paulsen, Montana

I thought it was a well-presented introduction with good references and links for further development. Thanks a lot.

Dennis Callender, Montana

Thanks for the support. It was great!

Juan Fraga, Mexico


Thomas Parrish, Virginia

I enjoyed the educational program. I would encourage additional web based programs like this so I can work on them at my convenience.

Gary Smith, Arizona

Very well designed and executed training curriculum.

Martin Payne, Virginia

Good web training.

Wendy Lewis, Idaho

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