Guide For Preparing Medical Directors

Module V

EMS System Responsibilities

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Module I: EMS Overview

Module II: The EMS System

Module III: Medical Oversight

Module IV: Personnel and Education

Module V: EMS System Responsibilities

Module VI: Quality Improvement

Module VII: Medical Director's Role in All Hazards Events

Module VIII: State, Regional, and Local Issues

Assessment: Final Evaluation

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction - Scenario - I
  2. Scenario - II
  3. Scenario - III
  4. Scenario - IV
  5. Objectives
  6. Key Definitions/Concepts
  7. Disaster Management Overview
  8. Phases of a Disaster Event
  9. Incident Command System
  10. Who has to take the NIMS and ICS training?
  11. Incident Command System
  12. Multiple Casualty Incident (MCI)
  13. Triage
  14. Communication
  15. Disaster Medical Care
  16. Access to Other Resources
  17. Special Events Management
  18. Research
  19. Public Health Issues
  20. Self Test: EMS System Responsibilities