Guide For Preparing Medical Directors

Module VI

Quality Improvement

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Module I: EMS Overview

Module II: The EMS System

Module III: Medical Oversight

Module IV: Personnel and Education

Module V: EMS System Responsibilities

Module VI: Quality Improvement

Module VII: Medical Director's Role in All Hazards Events

Module VIII: State, Regional, and Local Issues

Assessment: Final Evaluation

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Process
  3. Assess Patient Care
  4. EMS Structure, Process Outcome
  5. Components
  6. QI: Prospective
  7. Scenario A - I
  8. Scenario A - II
  9. QI: Concurrent
  10. Scenario B - I
  11. Scenario B - II
  12. Scenario B - III
  13. QI: Retrospective
  14. Scenario C - I
  15. Scenario C - II
  16. Scenario C - III
  17. Quality Improvement Documentation
  18. Legal Considerations
  19. Conclusion
  20. Self Test: Quality Improvement